How to End a Long Distance Relationship 0

Do you constantly find yourself arguing with your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you sit and stare at each other on Skype, finding it hard to talk to each other? As much as we want your long distance relationship to succeed, you must know when enough is enough. In this post we’ll discuss the(…)

How to Write Perfect Long Distance Love Letters 10

Ever wanted to know how to write flawless long distance love letters? A great way to express your feelings for your long distance partner is by writing them a love letter. Many couples email us asking for suggestions to rekindle their love after the initial romance has died down a little. We always suggest sending(…)

How to Survive Long Distance in College 4

Statistics on college relationships have shown that 32.5% are considered long distance. Statistics also show that 70% of long distance relationships end because couples don’t plan for change. So you’re heading off to college and want to keep your relationship? We’re not going to give you any false hope here. It is hard! But it(…)

The Best Christian Books for Marriage 0

We often get asked about what Christian books for marriage we’ve read, and which ones we would personally recommend. So here’s a run down of our favorites. The Best Christian Books for Marriage   Save Your Christian Marriage – Find God’s help for your marriage This book was by far the best that we read!(…)

How To Be A Military Wife 4

One of the hardest things to learn is how to be a military wife. Even if you have a boyfriend in the military, it’s a big adjustment to go from seeing him every day to seeing him when his job permits. You might feel lonely. You might feel depressed. You might feel broken. But please(…)

Why Don’t Long Distance Relationships Work? 0

Before you read this post, I want to let you know that this isn’t going to be about why you shouldn’t get into a long distance relationship. The truth of the matter is that long distance relationships can work and often do work. You just have to put in the time and effort for a(…)

How to Build Trust in a Long Distance Relationship 2

We’re often asked how to build trust in a long distance relationship. It’s a tough task and perhaps the most important aspect of making your relationship work. As soon as the slightest thought of doubt comes into yours or your partners mind, it can ruin the relationship forever. But we at The Long Distance Relationship(…)

Benefits of A Long Distance Relationship 2

There can be many benefits of a long distance relationship, even though you are away from your significant other. In the first few weeks of the relationship you are sure to feel very lonely, but rather than complaining about something which you can’t change, why not use the time you are apart to strengthen the(…)

Problems In Long Distance Relationships – Fighting 0

There are many problems in long distance relationships that can arise. One of them is crucial to making it work. It’s going to happen. Sometimes you can’t help it. When two separate people with a slight variation on their views are put together, there is bound to be a few disagreements. But don’t worry as(…)

The Best Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas 0

A few weeks ago we mentioned the best long distance date ideas for couples while they are apart. But what happens when you meet up in person? What kind of dates work best then? Find the answers in this post, and be sure to ‘like’ our long distance relationship Facebook page to join other couples for(…)